Let's Talk Terrorism

What's the Issue

After the recent terror attacks in Brussels, Pakistan, Paris, Beirut, and San Bernardino, figuring out how to fight terrorism and stop the growth of ISIS is on everyone's minds. (Hint: it's not going to be easy.)

What do I Need to Know

Due to the Islamic State's ability to attract foreign recruits, many international security officials are concerned that ISIS will continue to grow and gain followers all over the world. The U.S. has already been fighting ISIS from the air in an attempt to slow down the Islamic State's growth. And after the late 2015 terrorist attacks, other countries have become more involved, with 66 different countries contributing military or financial resources to the effort. In response to this international bombing campaign, ISIS has urged its followers to take revenge through terrorist attacks in Western countries. Additionally, the rise of the Islamic State has displaced millions of innocent people, increasing the severity of the current refugee crisis.

What do Millennials Think

Threat of Terrorism

71 of Millennials say that they worry about terrorism and terrorist attacks.

Why Should I Care

Because the future of America's security and global role depends on decisions made right now.

Millennials have lived through and fought in two long, deadly, and expensive wars in their lifetimes. Now young voters get to voice their opinion on which strategies are best for keeping America safe in a world that is anything but stable.

Because these are crucial questions for America's safety.

Should America pull back from the world, or take a more active role in resolving conflicts? Will we give our partners the power to solve their own problems, use international institutions like the UN, or go it alone? When and where should we intervene to protect innocent people and bring down destructive forces?

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Don't get distracted by fear. The bottom line is that terrorists win when we allow fear to change not only our public policies but our day-to-day lives.

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Support refugees who are fleeing violence in their own countries.

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What are the Candidates Saying

I would knock the hell out of ISIS...[and] when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.

Donald Trump [R]

I do not think putting American troops on the ground is the smart way to deal with [ISIS].

Hillary Clinton [D]