Let's Talk Income Inequality

What's the Issue

Ever heard of the 1%? Or the 99%? Or the difference between Wall Street and Main Street? Then you've already heard about income inequality, which has become a central topic in this year's presidential election. And for good reason – income inequality has reached record levels and shows no sign of slowing down. Now, voters are asking candidates for solutions.

What do I Need to Know

Income inequality is the gap between the wealthiest and poorest Americans. Income inequality has been rising since the 1970s, and experts say that the gap between rich and poor in America is now the largest it's been since the years before the Great Depression (not the best throwback). Some statistics show that the top 3% of Americans have over half of all the money in the entire country, which a lot of people, and especially a lot of young people, think is absurd.

What do Millennials Think

Wealth Distribution

74 of Millennials believe that we need to redistribute the wealth in this country.

Why Should I Care

Because income inequality disproportionately impacts young people.

Since the Great Recession, median income for young adult workers has declined a whopping 70 percent faster than it has for the overall workforce.

Because inequality threatens the American dream.

The gap between the wealthiest Americans and, well, the rest of America has reached absurd heights. Many argue that addressing this issue is the only way to guarantee that all Americans have a fair chance at an education, a good job, and the economic security they need to raise their families.

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What are the Candidates Saying

I will work to raise the federal minimum wage back to the highest level it's ever been...and support state and local efforts to go even further.

Hillary Clinton [D]

I want to create jobs so that you don't have to worry about the minimum wage...But I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing...

Donald Trump [R]