Untitled (Execution Chair)

Sam Stewart

According to Sam: "Using an interest in furniture as a point of departure and the entire space delineated by VR sensors, Untitled (Execution Chair) is comprised of 1,400 black vertical hash marks evenly spaced in x,y, and z directions. The hash marks create a three dimensional cube like shape of virtual lines (think rain shadow) that indicate every life lost to death penalty executions from 1976 to the present.

The three dimensional block of black hash marks contains images of two chairs, facing each other: a highchair and execution chair, outlined with the same hash marks in purple and yellow. This drawing is essentially a diagrammatic rendering of statistics, but responds psychologically to the condition of the VR headset as a kind of veiled, disorienting, and isolating experience while the physicality and repetition of movements recalls manual processes of traditional painting and sculpting—albeit without the reward of a tangible result."

Sam Stewart (b. 1988, North Carolina) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

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