Shadows on the Pavement

Kristian Mercado

"The VR Mural is a piece that is acting as a bit of a memorial for the lives we've lost so far done in an Afro Futurist inspired style. The scene acts as an installation-like space, in which forms are witnessing en masse something occur. Everyone is watching, and it's meant to feel a bit like a crowd and create a bit of a confrontation, make the viewer question perspectives and the implications of the disproportionate killing of African Americans in our country. The shadows tell their own story, and besides the main figure we list out some of the names of the victims. It's a piece that pays tribute, and respects the lost of life we've been dealing with."

Kris Merc's work fuses fun surprises, raw realism and visual sleights of hand in a huge a range of styles involving filmmaking and design.

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