Tyler Wallach Studio

"My virtual reality piece is to honor the lives of the 49 souls we lost at PULSE nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. As an active member of the LGBTQA community of New York City, I have to realize, it could just as easily have been any one of us, at any gay bar we’ve ever been to. The common ‘gay bar’ is actually a place where many seek solace, family and inclusive community…and our space was betrayed. I created this virtual reality of love because when one of us in the community hurts, we all hurt. This piece is my opportunity to let the world know we will not be torn apart by hate."

Tyler Wallach is an innovative artist and designer living in Harlem, recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters on both canvas and clothing.

LGBT Rights To learn more about LGBT rights, support Orlando and take action to prevent gun violence, go to Orlando.electthis.com.

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