Pride Parade


"I created a scene based on what I've been fortunate enough to witness each year at the annual pride parade. This ties into my theme of LGBT because it is the pivotal event of the annual pride season which is still incredibly important as it stands to reminds us all of the social injustice the community still faces. Despite significant victories (most notable gay marriage being legalised in all 50 states), there is still some way to go. The parade is the one time of the year that the LGBT community comes together to celebrate what has been achieved so far in this fight and to be proud of their sexual orientations which makes up a major part of who they are. It is an event full of freedom, fun and acceptance not only for members of its community but also family and friends who show their support - exactly what the community represents to me. The parade also stands to remind us all what still needs to be done to grant LGBT individuals complete equality."

SASHALYNILLO is a Latin American visual artist from the Bronx, NY, known for her commercial illustrations, fine art gallery paintings and street art.

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