Naturalization: The Game

Fabiola Lara

According to Fabiola: "Naturalization: The Game is a virtual reality art piece focused on the U.S. immigration system. It's a criticism of the current U.S. immigration system and an educational experience on the so-called "pathway to citizenship" available to immigrants today. By approaching the subject as a giant game board, I'm able to demonstrate the strategic and "lose-lose" situation the current immigration system is for undocumented immigrants. This immersive game board forces the viewer to experience how many immigrants are left with no option but to immigrate illegally. Undocumented immigrants do not willingly chose to immigrate illegally as much as there are few accessible options left for those looking to immigrate or those already in the U.S. illegally."

Fabiola Lara is an illustrator and digital artist based in Brooklyn whose work typically focuses on pop-culture and general cultural criticisms.

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